Just Added~Gentle Yoga

Beginning Wednesday January 6, 2021

CONTACT: yoga@YogaBond.com to reserve your space 

YogaBond® LLC

Yoga Defined With YOU In Mind

With Certified Yoga Therapist & Teacher

Martha Bond C-AYT, E-RYT500, YACEP, RPYT

 Offering of Complete & Comprehensive Yoga Classes

9:00-10:15 AM

Tuesday ~ General Practice For All Levels

NEW! Wednesday ~ Gentle Yoga Practice

Thursday ~ General Practice For All Levels

Elks Theatre And Performing Arts Centre

117 E. Gurley St. Prescott, AZ Studio #1

General Practice Yoga –  This practice is for every level of interest in Yoga. Inspiring & motivational classes designed to balance mental & physical strength & flexibility. Each practice will offer instruction on alignment and awareness with adaptations to suit your individual needs. Starting out or seasoned Yogi, you’ll find your practice here.

Gentle Yoga – A more therapeutic practice. Dialed down to a slower pace and intensity. Suited for those desiring a Gentler Practice, returning to physical activity, in recovery, Pre/Postnatal or with special physical considerations. You could also consider this class for your “down day” from vigorous training regimes.

In addition to the sanitizing measures currently implemented, the following guidelines will be followed in an effort to keep our community safe and healthy.

  • Everyone using the facility will be expected to follow all policy guidelines listed by the Arizona Department of Health and Safety. These rules are available upon request at the management office or can be found by visiting the Arizona Department of Health Services website at https://www.azdhs.gov. It is your responsibility to be aware of any changes to these policies.
  • A minimum of six feet of physical separation must be maintained between individuals in classes.
    • Class size will be limited to accommodate this requirement
  • A face covering is required at all times while on Elks Performing Arts Center property. The face covering should cover the entire mouth and nose and be well fitted.
    • Wearing a mask while practicing Yoga? We CAN make this work!
  • All signeage in the building must be followed. This includes only using the doors marked EXIT and ENTER as signed and avoiding the common areas. Physical distancing of six feet must be maintained at all times. Physical contact between students and instructors is prohibited on Elks Performing Arts Center property.
  • The storage of personal items in the building is strictly prohibited.
    • YogaBond® mats, blankets, blocks, etc will not be available. Therefore you will need to bring what you need for your practice. A mat and a beach towel or blanket are recommended.
  • No cash can be accepted on the premises.
    • NO DROP-IN PAYMENTS. You will be required to pay for classes on a monthly basis to reserve you space. I am working on a pre-payment system that best serves our community.
The takeaway?
  • Limited class size to ensure safe personal space
  • Appropriate face covering required at all times
  • No drop-ins
  • Bring your own mat & props
  • Coming soon-Monthy Payment/Reservation


Attend Martha’s classes without expectations. Leave with newfound insight on how a COMPLETE Yoga Practice can guide YOU to a healthier, fully realized life.

It can be intimidating. You’ve heard from every angle that Yoga is good for you.  Usually, (especially in the West) we associate a Yoga practice with the physical poses (asana). Asana is just one tool used in a complete Yoga practice. With personalized attention, I will guide you safely and precisely through a Yoga practice that serves your individual needs, interests and abilities.

As with anything new, you may feel self-conscious and a little awkward. “Right foot where?” “I thought I was breathing” , ” Wait…what?” “This reduces stress”?  It might help to gain a little perspective…

DSC01174We identify most easily with our physical existence. Left-Right, Up-Down, Inhale-Exhale. We learn through Yoga that our physical experience is the point of access for the deeper dimensions of our existence. By narrowing your focus, you go beyond what goes where or if it’s an inhale or exhale,  you begin to notice that something else is happening. Your perspective changes,  and you begin to appreciate the benefits beyond increased strength and flexibility.

It  often begins with a glimmer. A glimpse into that moment just before you react in frustration or fear to a pose.  You acknowledge your breath. Notice a slower reaction time and begin to recognize that ultimately you control your experience. Realizing there’s something just beyond your current experience to be explored.  And in that moment, stillness in action. A sense of ease, acceptance and ultimately empowerment.

You begin to recognize this process in action outside of your Yoga class. A slow osmosis into your daily life. You notice in situations that would have at one time caused stress and anxiety, no longer seem to have the same affect. There’s a newfound sense of confidence, of knowing.  Aligned with the natural state of your “True Self”.