YogaBond® LLC

  Complete & Comprehensive

Yoga Classes are Now

Affordable & Accessible

 9:00-10:15 AM

Always & Only $5.00

Monday & Friday ~ Multi-Level Yoga Practice

Tuesday & Thursday ~ Gentle Yoga Practice

Elks Theatre Performing Arts Center

117 E. Gurley St. Prescott, AZ~Studio #1

Enter First Door Left Of Theatre Foyer

-Take Elevator to 2nd Floor 

Multi-Level Yoga –  This practice is for every level of interest in Yoga. Inspiring & motivational classes designed to balance mental & physical strength & flexibility. Each practice will offer instruction on alignment and awareness with adaptations to suit your individual needs. Starting out or seasoned Yogi, you’ll find your practice here.

Gentle Yoga – A more therapeutic class. Dialed down to a slower pace and intensity. Suited for those desiring a Gentler Practice, returning to physical activity, in recovery, Pre/Postnatal or with special physical considerations. Consider this class for your “down day” from vigorous training regimes.

Attend Martha’s classes without expectations. Leave with newfound insight on how a COMPLETE Yoga Practice can guide YOU to a healthier, fully realized life.

It can be intimidating. You’ve heard from every angle that Yoga is good for you.  Usually, (especially in the West) we associate a Yoga practice with the physical poses (asana). Asana is just one facet or tool used in a Complete Yoga practice. Without a doubt, a skilled teacher can guide you to the best and proper Yoga practice to serve your personal needs, interests and abilities.

As with anything new, when you begin a Yoga practice, you may feel self-conscious and a little awkward. “Right foot where?” “I thought I was breathing” , ” Wait…what?” “This reduces stress”?  It might help to gain a little perspective…

 DSC01174We identify most easily with our physical existence. Left-Right, Up-Down, Inhale-Exhale…When your mind is busy paying attention to what goes where, and how to breathe most efficiently, you begin to access that part of yourSELF that exists without reaction or interpretation. (I know…Right?).

It sometimes starts as a glimmer or glimpse into that moment just before you react in frustration or negatively to a pose.  You become aware of your breath, slow the reaction time and begin to see it for what it really IS. Realizing there’s something just beyond your current experience to be explored.  And in that moment, stillness in action. A sense of ease and acceptance.

Next…the osmosis. You recognize this process unfolding outside of your practice. Slipping into moments of your daily life. You notice a shift. It feels good, natural. There’s a newfound sense of knowing. The Ah-ha moment…This is how I’m supposed to operate! This is that connection to the “True Self” that you may have heard reference to. You begin to wonder.  What if everything in my life  was aligned with this sense of awareness? It’s time to find out.